Welcome to our unique school.

Saint Conrad’s offers boarding for boys and girls. Saint Theresa and Saint Vincent can accommodate 80 students.

Emphasizing ....academics, sport and spiritual growth, St. Conrad’s Boarding is an outstanding choice for motivated students alongside goal-orientated peers. St Vincent and St Theresa House accommodates 40 learners respectively.

This small boarding establishment allows for a friendly family orientated setting – “A home away from home.”

A bi-quarterly newsletter, quarterly outings, and an annual year end mega outing are some of the ways we keep parents informed and entertain our boarders. 

Each boarder receives a cubicle which boasts a double, lockable cupboard, all on wall to wall carpeting. With a plug socket and desk, we will soon be encouraging students to bring their own computers to the boarding.

It is with encouragement that those who live more than 50km away consider this option to maximize your child’s output in the future.

At St. Conrad’s we try to maintain a family spirit within our boarding sections.