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The Intermediate Phase uses progressive teaching methods in small classes. Carefully selected, professional and dedicated educators encourage individual expression and questioning of ideas, as they impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes for the 21st century.


Our first priority at Saint Conrad’s College is always to live up to our ethos – Deus Caritas Est. Academics is the second priority where our Intermediate Phase educators strive to bring the best out of our learners. The small classes ensure that every learner gets individual attention. Our teaching methods are highly professional and we are using the latest technology and support materials to enable interactive teaching.

Achievement recognition

Carpe Diem Society

The Carpe Diem Society motivates learners to do their best throughout the year. Grade 6 and Grade 7 learners qualify for the Carpe Diem Society when they achieved an 85% average for two consecutive terms. We are very proud to say that we have always had learners to qualify for the Carpe Diem Society.

Learners who are part of the Carpe Diem Society get the opportunity to enjoy a day’s outing to a very interesting venue. Sometimes they even have the opportunity to go and see some great plays.

Academic tea

The Top 5 learners of each term get the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea and cake with the educators in the staffroom. With this gesture learners are rewarded for their hard work throughout every term. This also motivates other learners to work harder to be in the Top 5.


The following sports activities are offered at Saint Conrad’s College:

• Cricket.
• Cross country.
• Hockey.
• Netball.
• Soccer.
• Swimming.
• Tennis.



Every year at the end of the third term, all learners from Grade 4 to Grade 7 have the opportunity to go on different camps. Learners are around positive role models, learn appropriate risk taking, will meet a variety of people and learn creativity in a camp setting. Leadership skills are developed and identified.

Market Day

With our Market Day, the Grade 7 learners have the opportunity to show off their marketing and business skills.

The aim of the Market Day is not to see how big the profit for the day can be. Market Day forms part of the Grade 7 Economic and Management syllabus. It is therefore an opportunity for the Grade 7 learners to develop their marketing and business skills under the guidance of the educators involved.

An important aspect of the Market Day is that learners must set up their stalls by themselves and no parents are involved.

Arts Festival

Air rifle shooting, drumming, art classes, graffiti, photography, pizza making at Scooters Pizza, preparing Sushi at Ocean Basket and ten pin bowling – these are but a few of the fun activities held during our annual primary school Arts Festival!

The Arts Festival offers learners an opportunity to enjoy different activities, presentations and courses. A two day programme ensures that there is something for everyone to do and most of all, to enjoy.



Head of Primary School

Robert Marcus

Robert Marcus

Grade 5 Maths
Head of Intermediate Phase

Gea van Staden

Gea van Staden

Grade 7 Social Sciences and English
Head of Foundation Phase

Marzanne Willemse

Marzanne Willemse

Grade 3

Foundation phase

Lia Kruger

Grade 1

Kirsty Cohen

Grade 1

Jessica Gleeson

Grade 2

Zeruja Klopper

Grade 2

Sarah Fergusson

Grade 3

Intermediate phase

Annelie Swart

Grade 4
Social Sciences, Afrikaans and Maths

Ingrid Murray

Grade 4
Natural Sciences, English, Creative Arts and Personal Support Worker

Lizette Cronje

Grade 6
Grade 6 and 7 Maths

Naazia Patel

Grade 5 and 6
Natural Sciences and Computers, and Grade 7 Life Orientation and Biology

Mpumi Rasenyalo

Grade 7
Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 Setswana

Hester Potgieter

Grade 7
Grade 5, 6 and 7 Creative Arts and Personal Support Worker, Grade 7 Technology and
Physical Training Girls

Cathy la Grange-Lombard

Grade 6
Grade 5 and 6 English

Aden Paterson

Grade 5
Grade 5 Social Sciences, Grade 6 Social Sciences and Grade 7 Computers, Natural Sciences and Economics and Management Sciences

Valerie Saayman

Music and
Physical Training Girls

April Kgokong


Naomi Lee

Computers and Religious Education

Analiza da Encarnacao

Learners with Special Educational Needs

Ronel Engelbrecht

Grade 5, 6 and 7

Michelle Baeta

Primary school personal assitant

Jaryd Hammond

Physical Training Boys

Veronica Sullivan


Lorna Lotz

Grade 5, 6 and 7
Afrikaans and Physical Training



Fatima Frade

Fatima Frade

“Aftercare is fun, helpful and it is so much easier to do homework here, than at home!”

— Grade 7 learner

Enthusiasm is the first word that comes to mind when I see the learners at our aftercare facilities. They are focused and involved in the activities at school.

The educators at our aftercare facilities are the mums at school and although all the school rules and regulations are enforced, we try to make the afternoons, not only organised and productive, but also fun by encouraging extra mural participation.

Our mission is to keep the learners safe and secure and to assist them with their homework and studies in a caring environment.

The aftercare facilities were established in January 1999, with one educator and eight learners. Since then we have grown to 147 learners, six educators, two assistants and two Triest clients daily.

Fatima Frade – Manager: Aftercare facilities

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