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Our vision, mission and core values

The vision of Saint Conrad’s College is to be a leading Catholic school in pursuit of excellence.

The mission of the College is to mobilise the community, parents, staff and learners with a common vision to serve God and humanity by developing learners’ talents holistically so the learner may become a worthy member of society…

The Brothers of Charity would like to instill the following values in learners:

  • Acceptance of one another.
  • Accountability for one’s actions.
  • Forgiveness of one another.
  • Perseverance and the will to never give up.
  • The application of self-control and to be disciplined.
  • Speaking the truth.
  • The showing of compassion towards one another.
  • The showing of unconditional love towards one another.

We all claim to uphold positive values – this year we will live out and invest in these values. Values can hold families together, they can connect communities, they are the ties that bind you, and they have the power to bring meaning to your life.

We will endeavour to:

  • Be friendly.
  • Live and work in a decent way.
  • Live with God.
  • Be focused.
  • Think before we do or say.
  • Carry ourselves with dignity.
  • Respect the ways in which we communicate.
  • Be honest.
  • Grow towards being an independent individual.

At Saint Conrad’s College, founded by the Brothers of Charity, we endeavour to live out our motto – Deus Caritas Est – God is Love.

By creating a Christian environment at Saint Conrad’s College, whereby the principles of love, truth and justice become the criteria for life’s decisions, we believe that the dignity and rights of all are respected. We challenge our children to grow and learn in mutual understanding and respect.

Our history

Saint Conrad’s College – Brothers of Charity is a private Catholic school that is situated in Klerksdorp, the mining, industrial and agricultural centre of the North West Province. The school is situated adjacent to the N12 highway to Johannesburg and within easy reach of the railway station, bus services, airport and civic centre.

The school was founded in 1963 by the Very Reverend Brother Conrad, Superior-General of the Brothers of Charity, at the request of the Very Reverend Father Michael Vanduyfhuis, OMI, Regional Superior for the Far West District of the Transvaal.

In 1965 the school was officially opened under the competent leadership of Brother Patrick van Gool, who was principal from 1965 up to the end of 1988. In 1978 the Convent of the Sacred Heart and Saint Conrad’s College amalgamated to form the co-educational school it is at present. We cater for approximately 700 learners of which 40 are boarders.

There are two boarding houses, namely Saint Vincent and Saint Theresa. Boarding parents, who take care of all the needs of the learners, are appointed.

Learners who wish to attend Saint Conrad’s College have to write placement exams and on acceptance attend an interview. These are held throughout the year.

Why us?


Our school song

Dear Saint Conrad’s Alma Mater
Of our learners’ tenderest days
May we cherish thee forever
Ever faithful in thy ways
May thy training and example
Through the years that lie ahead
Guide our paths, inspire our conduct
Every step of life we tread
Give us peace o Lord we pray
In our work and in our day
And inside our hearts and mind
Lord give us peace
And God bless our school
God bless our school
Guard her children
Guide her leaders
God bless Africa
God bless Africa
God bless Africa
And give her peace



Saint Conrad’s College Learners Prayer

Lord, hear my solemn Prayer:
“Make me an honour to my school,
family and country
To be respectful in my behaviour and
treat all I meet with dignity.
To give attention to sound
knowledge that brings success.
To walk in truth, be unselfish and
sincere in all my efforts.
To be healthy in mind and body and
humane in all my actions.
In activities, victory comes in having courage and sportsmanship which makes me a winner.
Teach me loyalty, discipline and caring.
Above all, grant me a strong, persevering
spirit which enables me to meet the daily
challenges of life.”

– Brother Matthew

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